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Looking for a good starting point - does MultiCharts fit the bill?

I'm fairly new to trading, coding, and finance, but I've begun developing a strategy that I'd like to flesh out. I've done some manual backtests and they seem promising, but I don't have a big enough sample size to really feel confident about it yet. I figured that the best thing to do is to develop an algorithm that I can backtest with a lot of data, but I'm feeling a bit unsure where to start presented with all these different options combined with my inexperience.
I've been using QuantConnect a bit, but I'm not thrilled with the fact that certain staff members can view my code, so I want to switch to something that won't have that issue. I was originally looking at Python platforms, but I've heard that it executes too slowly and I should be looking at building my algorithm in C# or C++. I'm not looking to execute on tick data as of now, and the lowest time frame I can anticipate going is 1 minute, although more likely it's 5 minutes. Will the speed issue come into play on those time frames? I'd also like to get into machine learning eventually and as far as I know Python is better for that so seems like there may be a bit of a trade off...that said, I'd imagine there's a way to integrate Python machine learning with C# or C++, but perhaps that's my ignorance speaking.
Someone on here recommended using MultiCharts - does this seem like a good starting point? I'm worried about getting too deep into developing my own platform and MultiCharts seems fairly user friendly as far as having a GUI and robust platform. I'd really like to just get straight into developing and testing my strategy, as that's what got me interested in algotrading to begin with.
Oh, the strategy is based on forex, if that's helpful. Thanks in advance for any input!
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Download FOREX candlestick tick data for FREE using Python ... Introduction to QuantConnect (2019) Lean Engine: Lesson 2 - How do I use the QuantConnect API ... Managing market tick data with QCollector and IQFeeds for your trading strategy QuantConnect - YouTube

But access to forex tick data can be almost impossible for the average, non-professional trader to come by. What’s next on the data front for QuantConnect? The company is currently looking for quality futures data sources, ideally with trade execution. In addition to helping QuantConnect serve an even broader trading and investing public, futures data would also help attract those working in ... QuantConnect builds our TradeBars from tick data. While doing this we filter out ticks which our vendor believes are "suspicious". These suspicious trades include ones which are rolled back, reported late, or traded via OTC markets. This makes the bars a more realistic representation of the asset price but it might vary slightly from popular web-portals like Yahoo etc. Although this results in ... Powered by QuantConnect, the OANDA Algo Lab allows you to code, backtest, and deploy your own automated forex and CFD † trading strategies right from your web browser. Open an account BACKTEST ON TICK DATA QuantConnect was just one of those other platforms. However, after spending a little time poking around the site, I ultimately decided QuantConnect wasn’t for me at that time. Recently, I felt it was time to take another look. After all, technology moves at a rapid pace and I knew the platform will have come a long way since my first visit. Also, after spending a lot of time developing for ... In total, QuantConnect hosts 13 currency pairs from Apr 2007 to present provided by FXCM, and 71 currency pairs from Apr 2004 to present provided by OANDA. These currencies are provided as quote data in tick, second, minute, hourly, and daily resolutions. Hello All, After working on my trading for some years, I started with my algorithms on Quantconnect. What I have realized after one year of copy-pasting, is I need to learn Python (which I have selected) in depth before I can freely work on my algos. Massive Data Library: QuantConnect has a 400 TB tick resolution data library available to users for free. That library covers US equities, options, futures, fundamentals, CFD, and forex markets dating back to 1998. There’s a total of 29,000+ stocks, 100+ currency pairs, 70+ CFD contracts, and more. Trading algorithm backtesting platform providers QuantConnect, who we profiled last month, have just rolled out historical tick data for 5 years of forex and 15 years of U.S. equities for their platform.This is in addition to their existing resources which include FX market data from leading brokerage FXCM and sentiment data from Estimize and StockPulse. QuantConnect, the cloud-based algorithmic trading platform, has announced that it has added tick data for the major forex pairs and US equities. Cautious mention - QuantConnect - tick and minute bar data on stocks and forex. I'm currently reviewing QuantConnect as a potential source. They do offer a lot of free data but since their ecosystem was built around offering up crowd sourced strategies to prop firms I'm hesitant to recommend them until I've wrapped my head around their offering and can say I trust their platform. Last edited ...

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Download FOREX candlestick tick data for FREE using Python ...

Buy & Hold Forex Tutorial - Requesting Forex Data in QuantConnect by QuantConnect. 11:21. Buy & Hold with a Trailing Stop Tutorial - Managing Order Risk in QuantConnect The API File Provider provides a quick way of downloading our free financial data library to your computer while using LEAN. QuantConnect is the leading algorithmic trading platform in the world; providing high resolution free financial data in equities, options, futures, forex and CFD asset classes. Through our web ... How to manage market tick data with Qcollector and IQFeeds for your trading strategies and quant analytics This is an amazing combination to manage your market tick data regardless of frequency ... This is my first video where I show my face and talk, so please do not be so brutal on me in comments for saying "actually" or "fx good quality data" too man... View Tutorials: Join Our Community Forum: Contribute to LEAN: QuantConnect is the leading algorithmic trading platform in the world; providing high resolution free financial data in equities, options, futures, forex and CFD asset classes.